Water Connection Process

Water Connection process.

  • We shall carry out an automated survey of the customer premises and determine  the requirements for the new connection within 24 hours after visiting the office.
  • Customer will be required to fill an application form and contract form after survey being done.
  • Customer Care Officer and other officers will always be available to guide every applicant on how to fill the form correctly
  • Our staff will be available to inspect all plumbing work done by a customer before effecting any service connection.
  • Connection is effected within one day once the pipe laying works is completed.
  • Every customer is provided with a meter upon payment of a refundable deposit as per our tariffs. The deposit refund shall be payable within three days after closing of account.
  • During the installation of a new connection, the customer will be provided with information explaining how to maintain the service line, what to do incase of water leaks and economical use of water.
  • The customer will receive his or her first bill within one month from the connection date.