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One of NIWASCO main priorities is to ensure customer satisfaction. Service delivery must be of high quality and to the expectation of the customers. The company undertake to provide this service through:- Continuous production and adequate supply of high quality water meeting KBS standards. Regular and reliable supply through prompt response to system breakdowns

Niwasco has a waste water system which includes a piped collection system and centralized waste water treatment plant. The sewer network covers most of the Central Business District and parts of residential estates within the town. The Company provides effective & efficient Sanitation Services through:- Continuous collection of waste water from the sewer connections and managing it to ensure effluent discharge is within the acceptable standards Timely attendance to sewer blockages within the system Timely attendance to sewer blockages at customer premises as per order at the recommended fee

NIWASCO provides exhauster services for customers who are not connected to the Company's Sanitation network. These services are also available to clients who are beyond the company's area of water provision coverage. The Company also provides safe disposal services for exhauster dumping for firms & individuals who own exhauster equipments and wish to empty the septage for safe management.

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